Sheetz Designs

There's a local restaurant close to where I live called Sheetz. I spend too much time there, and I've seen some interesting things and have talked to some interesting people. I decided to make a few things as a way to learn a new visual language, and work on my design skills.

Jason licht noiinsheetz

The manager once said "There is no I in Sheetz" and I thought it would make a fun motivational poster.

Jason licht sheetzresting

An old joke, but one I thought fitting for when the machines need to be reset or taken offline for a bit.

Jason licht sheetzresting1

A few people said they'd like an apron in this style!

Jason licht gift cards

The gift cards have a top and bottom, and I often see people return the wrong half of the gift card. People will also ask for seasonal cards.

Jason licht code sheet

Sheetz uses code sheets for their bakery so employees know how long until a product is no longer fresh. They're normal paper, but why not make them fancy?

Jason licht jacks

Sheetz used to make their own cigarette brand called Jacks. It's fun knowing where a company came from, although I have to put their signature spin on the name. Jacks become Jackz.